An affordable alternative to traditional insurance

Your employees

Self-insurance – also called administrative services only (ASO) – saves your company money on administrative and inflation costs.  In essence, your company takes on low risk claims like Dental & Vision while insuring high risk components like Prescription Drugs and Out of Country Coverage.

Here is how it works

On fully insured plans, insurance companies charge high administration fees, anywhere from 25% - 35%.  Furthermore, excess premium paid to your carrier which is not used in the form of claims is retained by them, not your company.

Self Insured plans charge a 15% administration fee and no premiums.  Instead of premiums, you are charged on a per claim basis with all refunds sent directly to your employees.  As claims can fluctuate from month to month, we are able to offer budgeted plans averaging out your annual claims in one monthly payment. Your account is then reconciled quarterly.

The savings go deep

Self-insurance generally leads to tremendous savings, especially on your employee health plan. Read our sample spreadsheet to see where you will save.

Why pre-pay when you can pay as you go?

Learn more about the ins and outs of self-insurance.

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