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David Burns & Associates – Employee Assistance Program

David Burns & Associates are pleased to introduce its new Employee Assistance Program through its partnership with Family Services. The Family Services Employee Assistant Program (FSEAP) offers clients of David Burns & Associates an exclusive, low-cost benefit to address and support the needs of their employees.

The FSEAP can save your organization money by:

  1. Diverting costs away from your group health plan and towards government funded programs (e.g. smoking cessation)
  2. Lowering incidences of disability, absence and staff turnover
  3. Increasing productivity and staff morale
  4. Lowering your rates under your group health, disability plans by lowering claims
  5. Boosting your employer profile, especially for hiring of key employees

FSEAP is the only national, community-based EAP in the country, providing services to children, youth, adults and families in communities across Canada.

Through David Burns & Associates, employers are offered the FSEAP at a very competitive monthly rate of:

$5.00 per employee.

There are no additional taxes and the monthly rate is guaranteed for two years. There is no employee enrolment required, billing is available on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis and part-time, seasonal, and casual employees and their families can be covered.

The implementation of the FSEAP will provide a confidential and objective benefit to support employees who need help coping with stress, their emotions, as well as their family and work relationships. The FSEAP comes at no charge to the employee, and it shows employees that they are of value to the employer.

Twenty percent of your employees may have problems that are affecting their job performance. The FSEAP through David Burns & Associates will help prevent these problems by allowing your employees to seek the help they need before it starts to affect their job performance. Do your employees a favour and take advantage of this plan today.

Contact us for more information or to enroll in FSEAP.

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