Our Services

DBA clients range from large multi-national corporations to small family-run businesses seeking high-value group benefit plans to retirees looking to take care of their families.

In most cases, our unique approach saves our clients money over their previous insurance arrangements. We have never had a client lose money and we will never compromise on your coverage.

Our office represents clients headquartered in various locations in Quebec and Ontario (Montreal, Cornwall, Kingston, Greater Toronto Area), with offices across Canada. Some of our clients also have offices globally (both in the U.S. and outside of North America) and they utilize our office and our strategic partnerships to help to administer these international plans.

Group Benefits

Our customized employee insurance solutions make your company an attractive place to work while saving you and your employees money. We recommend the mix of benefits that best suits the needs of your staff. Our practice of surveying insurance carriers...

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Group Savings Plans

Group Savings Plans show employees that their employer consider retirement planning an important component of a comprehensive benefits package. This gives existing employees piece of mind that they are being well looked after while also providing incentive when recruiting new employees...

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Life Insurance and Living Benefits

You may not have the benefit of a company insurance plan. If you do, it may not provide all the coverage you need. At DBA we offer many options to cover a wide variety of needs without compromising your budget...

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Wealth Management

We know that wealth management is more than just investment advice. Our in-house CFP takes a holistic approach and incorporates all aspects of your financial portfolio into wealth planning. DBA is also licensed will all providers meaning you can have investments at several sources while maintaining a single point of contact for advice and planning...

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